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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Peñasco chosen for a catalog shoot!

Lights, cameras, action.......November was a special month in Puerto Peñasco when a group of photographers and models and crew showed up to do a show and clothing catalog shoot in our lovely little town!  There was a storyline behind the shots.  There is the original couple, the brunette and the male model.  They are on the rocks as he spots her looking at maps and she seems distant.  Then it gets strange!  Here's a few from Day 1 of the shooting! Enjoy!
The original part of the crew, more came the next day

The wanted gritty, they got gritty, thanks to Salvador at the boatyard for access!

They used screens for lighting no flashes for most shots!

Its hard to believe how much work this is organizing everything.

Trailer trash?  Part of the theme for the shoot, notice the map?

I think it is safe to say that this is the first time this happened in the boatyard

The artist loved this shot!

And this one

Of course we need a girl and a pool table

A dressing room at JJ's, yes!

Motorcycles - of course, why not?

Old gas station

Vintage Americana

Our gang was glad to be of assistance to the cause!

Little cuties watching as things go on.

Americana and a coke from Mexico!

Desert shots

Where could she be?

There she is

This was the first day.  We did a lot of traveling that day.  The models and crew were up at 5:00 and the makeup artist start their work, breakfast at 6:00 am and depart for the first shots at 7 ish.
We started at the Boatyard, then to Sandy Beach, then to Cholla bay, then all the way out to the Pinacate visitors center.  We got back to the house at 7:00 in the evening, pooped out......just enough time to do it again the next day!  To be continued.............

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