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~ Russ & Naomi

Who Are We?

 1982    ~ 30 Years of Life, Laughter, Sunsets & Travel  ~     2012

"As tourists, we found ourselves visiting Puerto Peñasco for the first time almost 30 years ago. 
We operated Penasco RV Club for about eight years and introduced many RVers 
to Puerto Peñasco and then onto other places in Mexico. 
Now, as Americans living and working in Mexico full time since 2007, 
we have a perspective of life here in Puerto Peñasco that is very realistic. 
Our neighbors, friends and acquaintances include the local residents of Peñasco 
who are shop owners, restaurant and cantina owners, mechanics,
fishermen, artists, politicians, laborers and foreigners 
who have settled here to work, retire or perhaps to raise their families.”
~ Russ & Naomi Black

Photo update for 2021


Check our Penasco RV Caravans Memoirs Page at:

Long ago and Far Away.....
With the first of three 15-passenger vans and the old long, trailer to match - leaving Kino Bay RV Park

One of our Happy Hour parties at Playa de Oro RV Park

A group at the edge of the Copper Canyon in Divisadero 

Yeah. I guess you could say we've been loving Mexico for a long time.


Russ and Naomi Black 

Contact emails:

And, new for 2012-2013 Season
We are presenting a twice monthly event: Mermaid's Market
An artisan's showcase of local crafts and arts.

MEX Cell: 011-521-638–113-4591
 MEX Office: 011-52-638-388-5004

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