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Mañana Maybe: A Trip to Remember

A Sentimental Journey. . . A Grand Adventure. . . A Carefree Time

Here is a copy of a little paper booklet that we found in an 
old fishing cabin that we recently purchased in Cholla Bay. 

It is a fantastic story. 
The writing is funky, yet the story endearing. 
Join an obviously fun-loving group as they wander 
along on their expedition (eating all the way). 

Then, watch the video that is at the end. 
I dare you not to say, "Those were the Days" 
when you are finished.

We hope you enjoy this!
Perhaps you will see a name that you know!

October 1971

A brand new 1956 Cadillac 
why not take the family to Mexico? 
The Burgbachers did. And they made a film about it!