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Peñasco to Hermosillo backroads!

We love road-trips!
Love being on the road!

The research for this back-roads trip to Hermosillo took us through some absolutely beautiful desert country. We had business to attend to in the capital of Sonora.  Normally we would drive from Peñasco to Caborca, to Santa Ana the connect with the 4 lane Toll way Mex 15 straight down to Hermosillo.  
Most people do this, that's why we didn't!

For this trip we left early in the morning from our home in Peñasco and headed toward Caborca.  The condition of this  highway is tragic!  The whole time you are on it you say to yourself  "it needs to be 4 lanes, it needs to be smoother, it needs shoulders" but I digress.  Have a full tank of gas for this trip!  
We start out trip meter where Blvd Fremont meets the newer road heading to 
Mayan Palace (about 7 miles SE from Peñasco).

Mile 7  -       Mar de Cortes' International airport and the Mayan Palace entrance.
Mile 19  -     Cursory checkpoint by Aduana mostly checking to see if your plates allow you to drive on.
Mile 22.8  -  El Torre, freshest seafood you will ever get!
Mile 32.5  -  Leaving the municipality of Peñasco and entering  the municipality of Caborca.
Mile 34.7  -  Military checkpoint at the entrance to the Herradura mine.  North bound check only.
Mile 46.7  -  New Coastal highway the road is great stay straight do not turn toward Caborca!
Mile 53.8  -  This is the exit to Santo Tomas' a pretty piece of beach for sure.
Mile 66.2  -  The sign shows a "Y" merge left for the road to Puerto Libertad.
Mile 75.0  -  You will start to see the majestic Cordon cactus in this area, they are unique to this area.
Mile 77.0  -  Here is a spot to pull off the road it's a great vista point.
Mile 81.0  -  You will see the sign to Kino Bay  (Bahia de Kino)which is 250 km (156 miles)  from here.
Mile 84.5  -  This is a road to a place called Dunas Point, we did not take this road but will soon.
Mile 87.6  -  Lots of sand dunes on the right and left of the road also sand on the road, slow down.
Mile 92.0  -  Road to Puerto Lobos, we went here, it is a funky little fishing village worth the trip! 

There can be a lot of sand in some places be careful!
The 5 mile dirt road to Puerto Lobos roller coaster city!
Mile 97.5    -  Rest area , rest only though, no toilets here, beautiful view though!
Mile 126.0  -  Turnoff to Puerto Libertad.  To this point the coastal highway is outstandingly smooth.

Note, although there is a Pemex in Puerto Libertad it is best not to count on it for gassing up.  It is the only one for many, many miles and so it goes dry occasionally.  With the new road we will see more 
Pemex stations in the future I am sure.
Mile 127.2  -  Left turn to Hermosillo, the road breaks down a little bit here there are no shoulders.
Mile 156.0  -  Military check point in the middle of nowhere.  They will ask to look in your car, friendly guys

Military having fun in my van! Yes that is a soldier with my big ole sombrero on!

Mile 156.5  -  Bad road, this bad road continues off an on for a while
Mile 199.8  -  Bridge work being done DETOUR!, dirt road for a few miles no biggie.
Mile 202.5  -  ROUGH ROAD monstrous holes drive slow watch for them, however it is the start of           the agricultural area which is beautiful!

Mile 205.6  -  Small snack bar roadside.  Water cokes etc.  Activity with farming all around you!
Mile 221.5  -  Turnoff to Hermosillo.  At this point we went straight to go to Bahia de Kino (1 hour more) so we came back and reset our mile marker at this intersection for the rest of the trip to Hermosillo .
Mile zero     -  Intersection of Puerto Libertad road and Hermosillo road heading East!
Mile 5.2      -   Stop sign turn right.  There is no sign here but you can trust me!
Mile 9.5      -   Hermosillo left turn.
Mile 18.5    -   Continue straight - the right turn takes you to the farms of Miguel Aleman.
Mile 27.5    -   Left turn to Hermosillo
Mile 50.0    -   You have arrived at the Hermosillo international airport. 

This GREAT city awaits your presence! 

Have Fun in Hermosillo it is a wonderful city!  Great food, great people and lots to see and do!

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I love being Perpetually Southbound!  "Life is a highway"

 Subject to editing later......enjoy!

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