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Caravan Assistance Program

Caravan assistance program

For many years (since the late 80's)  Naomi and I have been involved with the RV community, as a matter of fact this experience is what spawned our tour business in Mexico.  Although we no longer set up the RV groups, we work with established groups who want to experience the ease of caravaning in a group to the beaches of Peñasco.  For many it is just feels more secure and for others they enjoy traveling with a rolling party of friends.  We can help make your experience as a caravan the best that it can be.

What can we offer?
Staged and almost ready to roll just South of the border

After you establish your reservations at the RV park of your choice (we can help) on your day of arrival we will meet your group at the port of entry at Lukeville/Sonoyta.  We will cross first and explain to Mexican officials what we are doing.  Usually this expedites our crossing into Mexico with only a cursory inspection.  Once we are all in Mexico we will stage up on the side of the road until we are all clear.  If we are a group of 10 or more we will be met by the local Sonoyta Police department who will escort us through town very quickly, they do it all, close the intersections for us and we don't stop at stop signs etc.... this is something that we have been working with the mayors office for many years and it really helps.

The open road in Mexico

We travel together all the way to Peñasco and we will get you to your RV park using the most efficient roads, there are new roads which many travelers do not know about.

Based on the amount of time you plan to stay here we can offer the following activities.

           Tour of the city
           Transport to local restaurants as a group
           Sunset Cruises
           Golfing experience, we have 3 fantastic golf courses to try

A group in front of JJ's Cantina in Cholla Bay

If you need assistance planning your trip we can help with, RV park spaces, Restaurants to try, RV repair work while you are parked, live music for your social hours etc...

Since every experience is unique there is no fixed pricing.  We will price your experience for you and what your group wants to do.

We can handle small groups of RV's up to 30 in the caravan.  Special arrangements can be made for larger groups.
Interested?  Please make sure to email to start the process mexicoruss@gmail.com.

1947 Spartan Trailer leading a caravan 1996

We have been doing this a long time, here is an old picture of us and our 1947 Spartan caravaning through Hermosillo on our way to Kino Bay.

Let us know how we can assist your upcoming caravan to Puerto Peñasco!

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