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~ Russ & Naomi

Guadalupe Valley Wine Tasting RoadTrip

The trip is for small "self-made" groups that are friends/coworkers or acquaintances. 
We do not put the groups together. 

The trip is generally a 4 day trip. 
More of the wineries are open on the weekends,
 but we can also put together trips during the week. 

We depart from Penasco - return to Penasco.

Our planned itinerary includes the 1st drive across to Tecate for a quick snack, 
with a late lunch/early dinner and our first wine tastings at a restaurant in the Valle de Guadalupe at Doña Lupes. 
Then on down the scenic highway to Ensenada. 
Spending three nights in Ensenada. 

We have two or 3 full days to spend in the area. 
We visit a nice variety of wineries & vineyards
with lots of wine tasting opportunities!  

Or your group may choose to include a day trip to the Bufadora 
on one day, with a stop at an in-town winery afterward. 
Basically, we charge a base price for the van.
This includes the driver, assistant, all mileage, tolls, etc. for the roadtrip. 
This is a totally customized trip for your group. We can take as few as 6 and as many as 18

Please Email for Pricing

The price includes hotel but not meals. We will schedule hotel reservations. 
If you choose a hotel other than the one we use prices will reflect that change. 
We can schedule the trip anytime of the year.  
However for the beauty of the area, we suggest spring thru late summer 
when the vines are green with leaves 
and later in the summer when the grapes are mature.  
It is a really great trip! 
You will love it!

You can see some photos & a brief story from our last trip at: 


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