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During the 2011-2012 winter many local residents and visitors alike enjoyed the Farmer's Market. As the fall of 2012 approached, it seemed as though there would not be a return of the Farmer's Market, so we began thinking about hosting a similar event.  

We thought about some of the obstacles that existed last year and discussed how we could -  hopefully- work past those same obstacles.  One was the lack of "farmers!" Well, that was easily solved. We would call this the Mermaid's Market... no problem.  

Mermaids are not often seen anyhow... 
so if they don't show up it will not come as a surprise to anyone! 
And, besides, who knows what mermaids sell - or buy for that matter! 

On a more serious note is the need for the Market to be easily seen.  We chose a highly visible spot as our first choice (with a "Plan B" in the back of our mind) . . . And we are absolutely thrilled that we are able to use the "Shrimp Park" as the site for the Mermaid's Market!  We have a use permit from the city for the month of December. And, if we behave and all is well, we hope to continue the Market each year thru the winter and spring months. 

We are inviting 20 vendors to each event. The booth space fee will, in part, benefit our local DIF which gives needed assistance to local vulnerable families and children.  The fees will also be used for extensive advertising and promotion for each event.  So come and check it out!  And spread the word!  

Here are the Clickable Links: 

More Information about DIF: 
MISSION: Giving quality attention to vulnerable families while coordinating efforts with the Municipal Administration for benefit of programs that depend on DIF: 
Amores de Peñasco Children's Shelter 
INAPAM - National Institute for Senior Citizens
UBR - Physical therapy for children and adults
CMISPD - Municipal Council for Social Integration of the Handicapped
SDMF - Legal Defense of Minors and Families
PAASV - Nutritional Assistance for Vulnerable Individuals

Phone:  (638) 383-6145

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