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Monday, November 11, 2013

October starts a very busy time in Puerto Peñasco!

October brings us a few new and welcome things to our little pretty seaside town. The biggest change is the weather - which after 2 months of heat and humidity is a welcome change....in a few weeks I will wish that the heat and humidity were back I am sure, but for now it is pleasant out there. The other change is the huge number of folks that find their way down here for a few days, or a week or a month or even the whole season. They arrive here in cars, planes, motorhomes, shuttles and of course Motorcycles. (I have seen people walking but not sure where they were coming from) Here's a little snapshot of what Peñasco Recreation Co did in October and beginning of November.

RV Caravans
Guiding a group in at Sonoyta - Lukeville crossing
Highway shot of a long line of RV's coming in!
Finding our way to our RV beach escape for the next week!
City tours 
Fresh Oysters right out of the sea

The whale at CEDO field station
A family at Elegante crater

 Motorcycle Rally Tours  
Moto rally 2013 Photo Tony Ballesteros

Heading down the highway looking for adventure!

Beautiful desert drive to Schuk Toak Center
So the weather brings us a lot of new faces.  They all want to be here in our little slice of paradise.  Where are you?  You make your trip to Puerto Peñasco Sonora Mexico and I will make sure you have the best time that you can have!  Put yourself in the following Picture!

The Guadarama family from Southern California!       
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