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Puerto Peñasco

The seaside town of Puerto Peñasco is where the Desert meets the Sea of Cortez. Desert sand dunes scattered with ocotillo, cholla cactus and desert grasses merge with the sand on the seashore of Old Mexico. Rusty shrimp trawlers anchor in the shallows with fishermen drying their nets in the sun, and on the shore children play in the tide pools, beachcombers meander on the shore and vendors scour the beach for customers.
   From under the shade of a palapa, you gaze at pelicans skimming across the water or sight dolphins in the distant water. The aquamarine water in hues of blues and green invite swimmers, boaters, sailors and all water lovers to frolic in the warm waters. These waters are home to one of the richest marine environments on the planet!
   This is a safe and friendly beach town. It’s a great place for summer vacations. Or, the snowbird’s sun-drenched winter retreat. There are Mexican handcrafts for sale, a small aquarium, lots of restaurants and fun bars overlooking the Sea. Dozens of local vendors offer ATV & Rhino rentals, jet ski rentals, parasailing, kayaking, ultra-light rides, sunset cruises, fishing trips and fantastic eco-tours. 
   From sandy to rocky beaches, Puerto Peñasco has the perfect, sunny seashore for every whim!

Puerto Peñasco is a Wonderful Travel Destination and a Great, Safe Place to Live and Work.


Russ and Naomi Black

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