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Saturday, February 22, 2014

"Guerrero Negro . . . or Bust!"

On the road again. . .
We are off on our Magnificent Baja Adventure 
to see the whales of Guerrero Negro in Baja Sur.

Photo credits: Most of the photos are by Tony Ballesteros.
Other photos by Russ, Naomi, Charlene, Donna, Emma, Ruth or Sandy. 
Thank you to everyone who sent us photos to use.   

First stop: Guadalupe Valley vineyards on the way to Ensenada  

Our van had a date for this trip - the "plus one" van

First lunch stop. Doña Lupe's in the Guadalupe Valley
Day Two (the long drive day).  However, we are prepared. 

Magnificent Baja Scenery! Valley of the Cirios (Boojum trees)

The REQUIRED roadside fresh strawberry purchase
Happiness is . . . .
"Fantabulous" lunch at Mama Espinosa's in El Rosario
At the long, slow "pit stop" - just one working toilet folks (and a line forms)  

Finding a step up for the second van.... "this will work". 

Day Three is our MAIN EVENT!
Whale Watching Day

Orientation Meeting at Laguna Tours
And then out into the boats
Get your cameras ready for the action!

First sighting! . . . Right there in front of us! 

Barnacle covered extreme close-up

Just barely outta reach. . .

Baby whale playing with the seaweed.

Do you see the baby?  . . . . He is looking at you , too!

And then it happened . . . The whale touched a human!
And Emma bought the t-shirt to prove it!
A great whale watching Day!
And on the way back - a special treat.
Lounging in the Sun
What a life!

A stop at the Salt Mine manufacturing plant

Is it SNOW AND ICE? . . .  Nope. Just salt and water!  

"After-Party" at Malarrimo

A Celebration Dinner for everyone tonight!
Onto San Ignacio for a quick trip to the TROPICS! 

 An oasis in the desert. Midway across the Baja.
And the old Mission church in the typical cobblestone town square.
A Sunny-Flowery lunch stop at Rice & Beans in San Ignacio

And, then back it is  - once again thru the Cirio "Forest"

At Coco's Corner - on the old Dirt Road  (Across Baja on the authentic route) 
These bathroom stops keep getting weirder and weirder.....

Final evening in San Felipe and then it will be back home.

The drivers are just gonna rest up a bit . . .

And, we'll be all ready to go again soon.

SO . . .Who had a good time?
They look like they had fun.

OH! But Wait. . .  I think these guys had fun, too.

Until next time!