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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Fantasy Caravans. . . bringing back Memories

Before we were Penasco Recreation Company we were Penasco RV Club. 
And, we brought caravans of RV-ers to Penasco on a Introduction to Mexico trip. 

You can see the whole story at: 

Well, that was several years ago, and we no longer operate that business...
However, we are now once again showing RV-ers around town as we work in conjunction with Fantasy Caravans! This company has a "Taste of Mexico" visit to Penasco. 
This last week, their first trip of many was completed. 

With city tours encompassing the far southeast oyster farms to the other end of town and Cholla Bay, taco stand trips, sunset cruise with dolphins and whales as the highlight, a visit to the Shuck Toak Visitor Center and shopping, dinners and breakfasts thrown in. . . 
This group got a Great Introduction to Penasco... to Sonora... 
...to Mexico!         

Read the entire story here: 

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