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~ Russ & Naomi

Friday, January 18, 2013

On the Road to Quartzsite

With an estimated attendance 150,000,
this is t
he "Largest gathering of RVs & RVers on Earth"

Once again we attended this huge RV show 
with the purpose of inviting many more snowbirds 
to come and Experience Puerto Peñasco!
With Gary and Miguel from Playa de Oro.  
We also shared the booth with Javier from the OCV.
 We all felt it was a successful trip.  

It seemed as though there were more people 
ready to travel to Mexico this winter! 

And, many others who were happy to be able to 
talk "first hand" to people who live here. 

In addition, thousands and thousands of pieces of literature 
were individually handed out to travelers. 

Thank you to everyone who supported us in this 
positive & productive endeavor. 
  ~Russ and Naomi  


Notes on the Woodall's Travel Forum: 

From Hermosillo, Mexico: 
"Good luck Russ. I did it for many years. 
A good place to answer questions and know that you are good at it. 
I highly recommend to talk to Russ if you are in Quartzsite." 

 From a Full-time RV-er:
"We'll be in Quartzsite this coming week, so will stop by and meet you. Two years ago at Quartzsite,
I talked with two different reps for Sonora. . . but they basically still didn't understanding RV-ing 
in Sonora or Mexico. Nice to have a 'player' there."

  We hope to meet a lot of people
and spread a positive message! 
(and specifically Peñasco, of course!)

~ Thanks to all the sponsors again!

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