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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The most wonderful time of the year in Peñasco!

Oh October you are finally here.

With the daytime temps still in the 90's and water temps in the mid 80's and humidity levels dropping off it is the best month (in my humble opinion) to swim and play on the beach.

One of the greatest things we have here in Puerto Peñasco is of course our beaches.  Like anywhere else sometimes things can get a bit untidy and care must be administered.  

Thankfully we have a great resource here in Puerto Peñasco known as CEDO (center of education of deserts and oceans) http://www.cedointercultural.org take a look at their website and you will get an idea of the great work they do.  This month CEDO is inviting all of us to help them with their "Beach clean days"   

The really cool thing about this Beach Clean Days is that all of the trash that is picked up is tabulated and sent on to the Ocean Conservancy to be included in their data base.  This beach clean up happens everywhere around the globe and added to the database to gather a better understanding of the human impact on our beaches.  

For us here in Peñasco the first Beach Clean Day of 2012 is Saturday, October 27, along the Las Conchas beaches.  

The second one is November 10, along the downtown Rocky Point beaches.  

This is the 10th year that CEDO has participated in this great event!

Wouldn't you love to join us for this worthwhile fun filled day of clean up? 

We love our beaches!  Welcome home to you and to the month of October! 

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