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"Trip with Memories to Last a Lifetime"!

You put together your group.
We will work within your budget to custom design 
The perfect itinerary for your group! 
What are you interests? 

Train Enthusiasts will Love the Train Ride itself
Historical & Beautiful old Colonial Mexico style Hotels
Enjoy Fantastic Local Cuisine 
Hiking Trips   Horseback Riding   Tours of the Canyon
Mennonite Tour & Lunch
Local Folkloric Dancers    Tarahumara Indian Crafts

“A Trip with Memories to Last a Lifetime!”

“The Most Spectacular Train Ride In the Western Hemisphere”

39 Bridges with Breathtaking Views & 86 Dramatic Tunnels 

A Mystical Land of  Intense Natural Beauty  History, Wonder and Culture

        ...This is the Trip that You have Meaning to Make for Years!


 The Copper Canyon of Mexico is a mystical place which draws the traveler into its charms. Although it was years ago,  I recall our first trip. Arising at daybreak or earlier, we made our way to the train station. The anticipation was incredible as we awaited departure. We began our  journey, and gazing out the window, I was somewhat disappointed... Yes! The countryside was beautiful, but not quite as awe-inspiring as I had been led to believe.

Slowly the train continued to thread its way through the mountains, across the river and deeper into the canyon.

The monotony of the rails seemed to lull me into a light sleep. Then, it happened...

We rounded one curve and, suddenly, we arrived! This was the canyon that I had heard about!

This was the Barrancas del Cobre that had been in my dreams!

And for the rest of that journey and each one since, my forehead remains glued to the window

and my eyes are wide as I await each new curve, each canyon, waterfall,

corn field, apple orchard, small town, smiling child, bridge or tunnel.

Do You Hear it? The Canyon is Calling You! 


     The Copper Canyon, or in Spanish Barranca del Cobre, consists of 6 major and distinct canyons.

These are the Cobre, Urique, Oteros, Candamena, Chinipas and Sinforosa.

     The area is called the Sierra Tarahumara and is within the state of  Chihuahua, Mexico.

     The entire canyon system is estimated to be at least 6 times larger than the Grand Canyon.

           The indigenous Indians in the area are called the Tarahumara or Raramuri.  










Email:  mexicoruss@gmail.com

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Sea Debris Designs by Naomi Black

 "Hand-picked Debris Collected from the Edge of the Sea"

Unique items for your home, bath, beach house or cottage. Great gifts for all ocean lovers!


SeaDebris is my word for the "Gobbledegook" that I have found on the Edge of the Sea while beach-combing along the Sea of Cortez in Mexico.

Some SeaDebris is formed from nature: seashells, coral, driftwood or possibly a piece of volcanic rock.

And, other SeaDebris has been left behind by man, only to be rock 'n' rolled in the sea until it comes to rest again on land: Seaglass and other Rusty & Weathered items of Curiosity.

I enjoy walking the beach. Searching for the unique and the common, the new and the old, the salty and crusty. 

Never tiring of the discovery of SeaDebris along the Sea Shores of Old Mexico.

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Text Box: “I wrote this one day when I was at my
office working at my desk and the Sea
was literally hundreds of miles away. 
However, I really could not 
concentrate on my paperwork. 
I was distracted and could 
almost hear the waves crashing 
. . . and calling to me!”  

The Sea Is Always Calling 

Up from the Silence it comes 
Calling me again. 
Lapping at my Memory
Building in my Head.
Pounding the Beach in my Mind 
Calling me back.
The Waves are fierce now 
Crashing and booming and breaking. 
The Swells overwhelm me 
(and, I cannot finish my Work!)
Thoughts of the Ocean beating in my ears. 
Just like every other time when the Water 
Reaches the high tide Crescendo. 
When the white foam breaks over the top 
Pouring through my Memory. 
Roaring in my head
Calling me again. 
Return to the Sea...to me...to me…
There will be no Peace 
No Calm.  No Release.  Until it Recedes. 
Flows out of my head  
Pools quietly into a subtle low tide.
The waves just a whisper
Return to me 
The sea quietly begs
Again and again
Return to me...the sea...the sea.